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In the News

Slabtown Village has been received with open arms since our opening. See the below press about our development. If you are interested in a feature, please reach out to us at   

Portland Business Journal 2019 "Transformer Award"

Slabtown Village was recognized by the Portland Business Journal as one of the city’s most outstanding commercial real estate projects that carries the ethos of Portland. Winning a CRE Transformer Award is a huge honor and we could not be more proud that our tiny home hotel is considered a development that is literally shaping our community and building our future.  Click here for more info

Tiny House Giant Journey

Jenna from the hit YouTube channel stopped by for a full tour of out hotel . See the video tour


Portland Tribune: A Tiny House with a Twist

Slabtown Village cover story. See the cover story

Tonight with Cassidy, KGW

Cassidy Quinn stopped by Slabtown Village to check out the hotel.  See the news segment

Portland Business Journal

Staff reporter Jon Bell wrote a cover story on Slabtown Village.  See the feature

KATU, Wesleigh Ogle Feature

KATU anchor Wesleigh Ogle featured Slabtown Village on a news segment.  See the news segment

Portland Monthly: NW Portland Has a New Tiny Home Hotel

Portland Monthly story about Slabtown Village.  See the story

OregonLive: Do tiny houses hold up to cold, snow, wind, hail, heat? 

Winter weather is no match for our ultra-efficient tiny homes.  See the feature

KGW News, Kathy Marshall Segment 

Kathy Marshall came by Slabtown Village to take a look around.  See the news story

Cision Press Release 

Slabtown Village Invites Travelers to Cozy Up in Portland.  More info

OregonLive: Does your place have Airbnb panache? 

The Oregonian featured us as one of the examples of rentable, quirky pads in backyards and farms, here and around the globe..  See the feature

The Wandering Panda: Slabtown Village Walkthrough 

A video tour of Slabtown Village with one of our guests.  See the video

Tiny Travel Chick

Celebrity Tiny Home traveler makes an appearance at Slabtown Village.  See the segment



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