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Coffee, Tea & Weed (walking distance)

Find your "pick-me-up" all within a 10-minute walk.


High concept, Instagrammable coffee in the Portland Film Exchange Building. • 915 NW 19th, Suite A


Jim and Patty’s Coffee

Comfortable, neighborhood, family coffee served right. • 2246 NW Lovejoy

Ovation Coffee & Tea

Innovative hand-crafted espresso and creations • 941 NW Overton St


Smith Teamaker

The original home of Portland’s foremost tea purveyors. • 1626 NW Thurman


A large variety of strains and a knowledgeable staff ready to help. • 1780 NW Marshall


Oregon Weedery

Neighorhood cannabis shop with friendly staff and a laid-back vibe.

503-750-4594 • 1214 NW 21st

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